Christmas Calendar, day #13

December 13th, track 13 – The Wind by Timo Ylinen (originally by Cat Stevens)

The opening track of Timo’s second full length album is an intimate cover of Cat Stevens’ classic “The Wind”. The Playing Favourites album includes songs from Timo’s favourite songwriters performed acoustically with an authentic 70’s folk-pop sound.

Timo recently followed up the album with a 3 song EP. Check it out here!

Timo Ylinen revisits the 70’s on his new album

Timo Ylinen has made a long career as a supporting musician for many great Finnish rock and pop artists and groups. He has worked amongst others with Katriina Honkanen, Pekka Tegelman, Liisa Tavi and Sakari Kuosmanen. Timo is a classic singer-songwriter drawing his influences from, for example, James Taylor, Crosby Stills & Nash, The Beatles and Neil Young.

On his new album “Playing Favourites” Timo performs some of his favourite songs from the best songwriters of the 70’s with his intimate brilliance. This album is a lovingly crafted tribute, an emotional song cycle with an authentic vintage sound.

The album was produced by Ilkka Tenhunen and features performances by Katriina Honkanen (and members of her group Tulilintu) and Jarkka Rissanen.

The album will be available on CD, download and a limited edition vinyl LP which includes two bonus tracks not available on other versions.





1. The Wind (Cat Stevens)
2. Till Tomorrow (Don McLean)
3. Jump Up Behind Me (James Taylor)
4. Simple Man (Graham Nash)
5. 4+20 (Stephen Stills)
6. Another Day (James Taylor)
7. Let ‘em In (Paul McCartney)
8. Shower The People (James Taylor)
9. Castles In The Air (Don McLean)
10. She Moves And Eyes Follow (Jimmy Webb)
11. Sleeps Dark And Silent Gate (Jackson Browne)
12. You Don’t Know Me (Arnold/Walker)

Bonus tracks (vinyl only):

13. Walking in Memphis (Marc Cohn)
14. Promises Made (Dan Fogelberg)