Slo Motive is Arriving

We are waiting anxiously for Slo Motive’s debut release next week. “Arrival” will be released on November 2nd at the Tampere Jazz Happening and then the group is off on a tour of Finland.

This is very special record for us. Its release coinsides with the 5th anniversary of Eclipse Music (founded in November 2007). Thus we have a special treat for our followers. The album is ready for pre-orders. By pre-ordering the album here (the CD version) you’ll receive the first three songs immediately as high quality mp3 or FLAC.

OR you can download the first song of the album for any price you want. Even for free, if you wish (requires your e-mail).

The followers of this blog can also receive a special 10% discount by using this discount code: eclipseblogarrival10

Members of our mailing list will receive a 15% discount. You can join the mailing list on the right-side column on the blog page.