Christmas Calendar, day #16

December 16th, track 16: Exploding Head by Equally Stupid

Pauli Lyytinen and Siggi Rögnvaldsson with David Meier are releasing a new album early in 2017 (so look out for that one!). Meanwhile, please enjoy the oping track of their first album. The CD pressing was sold out (sic!) during the tour in 2014 but fortunately downloads are still available. Very much suitable for jazz and rock / prog rock fans everywhere.

Christmas Calendar, day #6

December 6th, track 6: DEFEKT – Pete’s Game Machine

Saxophonist Pauli Lyytinen and guitarist Sigurdur Rögnvaldsson originally formed the group Laser back in 2008. After that group split they continued to work together and that work is still going on in their latest group, the trio Equally Stupid. Between these projects Lyytinen and Rögnvaldsson played in the quartet DEFEKT and released their only album to date.

The title track to the “Pete’s Game Machine” album presents the groups quirky fusion of jazz, surf rock and video game music.

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