Christmas Calendar, day #5

December 5th, track 5: Juhani Valkama (with Tapio Ylinen) – Paska Jätkä

Songwriter Juhani Valkama writes acerbic songs about us poor human beings facing the impossebilities of life. This song is no exception, with the title referring to “a shitty person”. Fellow songwriter Tapio Ylinen plays a Mark Knopfler-esque guitar solo on this track.

Christmas Calendar, day #4

December 4th, track #4: “Alkusoitto” from the musical “Väkivaltamusikaali” by Tampereen Ylioppilasteatteri

Music composed by Juhani Valkama.

When “The Violence Musical” for premiered in the fall of 2008 it was called “the theatre event of the season in Tampere”. The topical musical dealt with different aspects of war, peace and violence with a powerful stage production and beautiful, melodic rock music.

The regime of Vladimir Putin receives its fair share of critique. Unfortunately these themes are as topical as ever, now almost ten years later.

Two back catalogue albums available again!

Juhani Valkama’s theater musical piece “Väkivaltamusikaali” was one of the highlights of the theater season of 2008. The songs from the highly acclaimed musical were released as an album by Eclipse Music. The album hasn’t been available since the run of shows ended in the spring of 2009. The CD is once again available through the Eclipse Music webstore.

The album features performances by Juhani himself and features Tapio Ylinen on guitar and vocals.

Listen and purchase here:

The second back catalogue album newly available is the posthumous release by the “Jaco Pastorius of Finland”, Raimo Salmiheimo. The album “Puut” (Trees) is available at special prices: 5€ (CD) and “pay-what-you-want” for the download. Check it out here: