Christmas Calendar, day #16

December 16th, track 16: Exploding Head by Equally Stupid

Pauli Lyytinen and Siggi Rögnvaldsson with David Meier are releasing a new album early in 2017 (so look out for that one!). Meanwhile, please enjoy the oping track of their first album. The CD pressing was sold out (sic!) during the tour in 2014 but fortunately downloads are still available. Very much suitable for jazz and rock / prog rock fans everywhere.

Equally Stupid tours Finland!

The highly energetic jazz-prog trio from Finland, Iceland and Switzerland are back with the second part of their Expoding Head Tour. Here are the dates and please enjoy a preview below.

Pauli Lyytinen – sax / Sigurdur Rögnvaldsson – baritone guitar / David Meier – drums

18.09. Hanko, Pub Grönan, 9 PM, free entrance
19.09. Kuopio, Musiikkikeskus, Jazzklubi, 9.30 PM, 15/10 €
25.09. Helsinki, Kansallisteatteri, Lavaklubi, 9 PM, 15/10 €
26.09. Tampere, Telakka, AMC-klubi, 9 PM, alk. 10 €
27.09. Joensuu, Teatteriravintolan Terassi, 9.30 PM, 15/10/6 €


Listen to the album here:

Preview the live show here:

Prog and jazz meet in Equally Stupid’s new album “Exploading Head”

Sax virtuoso Pauli Lyytinen, better known for his work in pop-jazz trio Elifantree, joins up with Laser and DEFEKT guitarist Siggi Rögnvaldsson and Swiss drummer David Meier to form Equally Stupid. This powerful trio combines the raw energy and compositional styles of early King Crimson and jazz improvisation.

Equally Stupid celebrates the release of the new album (out February 19th) with a Finnish Tour.

Tour Dates:

19.02. Lahti: Ravintola Torvi
20.02. Jyväskylä: Poppari
21.02. Turku: Flame Jazz (Jazzklubi Monk)
22.02. Pori: Palmgren-sali
26.02. Helsinki: Rytmihäiriöklubi (Juttutupa)

Equally Stupid: Exploding Head
Eclipse Music (release date: 19.2.2014)
1. Ezploding Head / 2. The Gist of It / 3. Cosmic Ray / 4. Towards the Edge / 5. Lost Psalm from Savo / 6. Deserted Paradise / 7. Turkish Robbery / 8. Disbelief

Pre-order here: