Christmas Calendar, day #9

December 9th, track 9 – Cold Dream by Common Creature

Common Creature is a band with Joonas Kuusisto on acoustic bass and the wonderful Swedish singer Sarah Riedel. Their only album up to date “Daydreamers” was released in 2011 to critical acclaim and the duo even performed live on Swedish TV. Melodic and beautiful music for jazz and singer-songwriter fans alike.

Common Creature : Daydreamers Album Review SvD

“An old sofa in a forest – album cover strikes the surreal tone with permeable boundaries between fantasy and reality. The lyrics are by nature seekers with existential questions about time and space, past, present and future. The music has an air of breathless wonder and pensive naivete. The duo Sarah Riedel and Joonas Kuusisto, vocals and bass, is a well-balanced foundation with just the right portioned addition of Anders Gabrielsson’s tenor saxophone. Sarah Riedel moves on a sliding scale varied between a sensitivity of Marilyn Monroe and Bjork or an extrovert music hall performer.”


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Common Creature: Daydreamers review in Dagens Nyheter

“It is a delicate balancing act, where the duo lets in air and tranquility without losing precision in the interaction or, most importantly, a sense of urgency.”


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