Christmas Calendar, day #2

December 2nd, track #2: “…ja hän heräsi Petroskoista” by Laser.

As the second track in our Christmas Calendar Eclipse Music presents the international group Laser. Again we have Pauli Lyytinen (from Finland) playing saxophone, Swedish drummer Andreas Werliin, bassist Jo Berger Myhre from Norway and Icelandic guitarist Sigurdur Rögnvaldson. The group was formed when the members of the band were all studying music in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The track “…ja hän heräsi Petroskoista” (…and He Woka Up In Petroskoi) is the opening track of the album. Pauli Lyytinen re-recorded the song for his recent solo album Pauli Lyytinen Machinery as a piece for solo saxophone and live electronics. A lively piece with an excellent rocking groove.