This multitalented group was formed in 2006 while the members (Pauli Lyytinen, Anni Egecioglu, Tuomas Turunen, Joonas Kuusisto) were all studying music together in Gothenburg, Sweden. Realizing a common ground in musical tastes the group started to compose and rehearse a series of songs whose themes were based around simple fairytale-like ideas, from medieval scenes to sleigh riding and animal stories.

The band’s original idea was to become a studio group, making records whose sound would be extremely difficult reproduce live. The band started working on the material for their first album in 2007. Initially they had no label to support the album, but after hearing about the formation of a new record label Eclipse Music, founded by a long-time friend Tapio Ylinen, the band found a forum to publish their music.

The band’s first album “Taistelu pahoja kelloja vastaan” (The Battle Against Evil Clocks) was released in the spring of 2008 as the first ever release of the new record label. The album received good reviews and the band played a selection of shows to support the album, including a short autumn tour.

The group disbanded for some time while the members pursued other projects. Pauli and Anni formed Elifantree with drummer Tatu Rönkkö. Tuomas Turunen competed successfully at the Montreaux Jazz Festival Solo Piano Competition, receiving an honorary jury prize in 2010. Joonas played with groups like Defekt and developed his own songs with Sarah Riedel for their duo Common Creature.

Kauhukakara regrouped in 2011 to record new music for a follow-up album. The record was to be a concept album in the wake of classical composer Camille Saint-Saëns’ Carnival of Animal. The band pulled this difficult task with great gusto. “Eläinten Fanfaari” (Fanfare For The Animals), released in October 2011, with its playful melodies and innovative use of multiple instruments received fantastic reviews. The band played a release concert in Gothenburg which was broadcasted live on Swedish National Radio.


Anni Elif Egecioglu – voice, cello

Pauli Lyytinen – saxophones

Tuomas Antero Turunen – piano

Joonas Kuusisto – acoustic bass guitar


  • Taistelu Pahoja Kelloja Vastaan – CD and download (ECD-200801)

  •  Eläinten Fanfaari – CD and download (ECD-201111)

















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