Common Creature


Sarah Riedel – vocals, zither
Joonas Kuusisto – acoustic bass

When one of the most highly regarded singers in Sweden and one of Finland’s top acoustic bass players join musical forces, the result is magical. Somewhere between indie-folk-pop and jazz Common Creature’s music swirls together timeless melodies and atmospheric musical spaces.

Juhani Aaltonen & Raoul Björkenheim


RAOUL BJÖRKENHEIM – guitar, viola da gimbri

Two giants of Finnish jazz and progressive rock, Juhani Aaltonen (Tasavallan Presidentti, UMO Jazz Orchestra) and Raoul Björkenheim (Krakatau, Scorch Trio, eCsTaCy), join forces.

A true veteran, Juhani Aaltonen (b. 1935) is one of the most prominent Finnish wind players. He became famous as a member of the prog rock group Tasavallan Presidentti in the late 60’s and early 70’s and has since fronted many ensembles of his own. He is a founder member of the UMO Jazz Orchestra and has been awarded the Jazz-Emma (Finnish Grammy equivalent) and the Yrjö award (Jazz Musician of the Year). His biography was published in 2017.

Raoul Björkheim (b. 1956) made his mark in the prog rock and jazz scene in the 1980’s by his collaboration together with Edward Vesala and as the front man of the Krakatau. He has since frequently recorded with several top jazz musicians in the world and as a soloist for Finnish orchestras such as UMO Jazz Orchestra, The Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra. He has won various awards including the Yrjö award and the Jazz-Emma. Currently Björkenheim works and records as the leader in groups such as eCsTaSy and TRIAD.

Antti Utriainen Expansion


Antti Utriainen – piano
Tomi Saikkonen – drums
Timo Tuppurainen – bass
Mikko Pettinen – trumpet
Petri Puolitaival – saxophone

Pianist-composer Antti Utriainen has played with many Finnish jazz greats, including the legendary jazz-rock guitarist Jukka Tolonen. His Expansion -project is a melodic mix of traditional jazz and occasional prog-rock undertones.



Pauli Lyytinen – saxophone
Anni Egecioglu – vocals, cello
Tuomas Turunen – keyboards
Joonas Kuusisto – bass

After releasing two albums for Eclipse Music (in 2008 and 2011) Kauhukakara has been become a cult favourite of the progressive / art music scene. gave their second album “Eläinten Fanfaari” 5 stars and named it a masterpiece, but that doesn’t mean that their music is prog rock. It’s a playful, wild combination of jazz, classical chamber music, children’s music and experimental sounds.

Kauhukakara features the sax and vocals of Elifantree’s Pauli Lyytinen and Anni Egecioglu mixed together with the amazing keyboards of Tuomas Turunen, who was given an honorary prize at the Montreux Jazz Festival’s piano competition in 2011, and acoustic bass tones of Joonas Kuusisto.

Hot Heros


Hot Heros is, of course, a little play on words. It was while walking through Brooklyn, NYC some four years ago that three Finnish improvisers stumbled upon an old sign advertising that very indigenous treat eaten frequently as a snack or at lunch.

Saxophonist Sami Sippola, bassist Ville Rauhala and drummer Janne Tuomi recognized the possibilities at once. Those two words, including the quirky allusion to ”heroes”, would become the perfect name for their fresh band.

Even though Hot Heros was founded in 2015, the musicians have many lifetimes’ worth of experience behind them both as individuals and together in various guises and permutations. They have shared stages and studio floors from Scandinavia through continental Europe to the USA and beyond. They have worked with theater groups, circus, acrobat and dance ensembles and recorded and performed with renowned Finnish singer-songwriters and rappers.

The longest mutual history inside the band exists between Sippola and Rauhala, founding members of groundbreaking free jazz group Black Motor. After ten years and ten albums with drummer Simo Laihonen, it was time to make some difficult choices.

Black Motor goes on with Rauhala still in the line-up, but for the purposes of the new trio him and Sippola turned to their old friend and world-class drummer and percussionist Tuomi. Dozens upon dozens of shows together in bands like Rakka had finetuned their musical ESP to the highest possible level. Hot Heros’ debut album Fill Up with Old Time Salvation came out in 2016 to critical acclaim and was quickly followed by intense concerts as far Bulgaria and Russia.

Whereas the name of the band may contain a pun, the title of their sophomore effort is just about as straight forward as can be. Spelling it like it is, Folkjazz from Finland makes a big promise. But the no-frills name is also a testament to the creators’ abilities. They know they can deliver the goods with 100% accuracy if the territory chosen borders European free jazz tradition and Nordic folk tunes. This area is their native land.

The trio’s organic and soulful expression mirrors both the feel of the melodies, often born in the heart of nature, and the musicians’ past praxis with top improvisers like Peter Brötzmann, John Zorn, Juhani Aaltonen, Paal Nilssen-Love, Barry Guy, Iro Haarla and Raoul Björkenheim.

Folkjazz from Finland is inspired by the tangible (Sippola’s meanderings on how his relatives immigrated to the USA at the turn of the century) and the ethereal (Rauhala’s lucid dream of a visit from a shaman woman) alike. The legacy of trailblazers like Edward Vesala and Sakari Kukko (of Piirpauke fame) is in able hands with Hot Heros.

– Petri Silas

Juhani Valkama


Singer-songwriter and theatre professional Juhani Valkama released his first solo album in 2009. Just prior to his debut he composed and a full lenght musical “Väkivaltamusikaali” (The Violence Musical) to great critical acclaim. The soundtrack of the musical was released on CD in 2008.

Since these two album releases Valkama has worked as a dramatist, director and musical director on numerous stage projects and played live shows with his 4 piece band.

Live band:
Juhani Valkama – keyboards, vocal
Tapio Ylinen – guitar
Petteri Hyvärinen – bass
Juho Palosaari – drums

Mikko Löytty


Mikko Löytty is a true Finnish Rock legend who has, in addition to his three solo records, performed and recorded with Q.Stone, Dave Lindholm and many other vastly popular artists in Finland.

Löytty joined Eclipse Music in 2014 with the release of his third solo album “Koivu ja Tähtiniitti” supported by two digital singles and a Top 10 radio hit on the Radio Suomi playlist chart.



Pauli Lyytinen – sax
Sigurdur Rögnvaldsson – guitar
Jo Berger Myhre – bass
Andreas Werliin – drums

Laser is a multinational (FIN/SWE/NOR/ISL) project masterminded by sax virtuoso Pauli Lyytinen and guitarist Siggi Rögnvaldsson. With driving surf guitars mixed with jazzy improvisation the band forms a tight sound that sails between jazz and rock.

After releasing their, thus far, only album in 2009 the band toured Scandinavia twice before going on hold to await further developments. Andreas Werliin has received worldwide fans as the drummer of Wildbird & Peacedrum, Jo Myhre is currently touring and recording with Splashgirl, while Lyytinen and Rögnvaldsson have continued their mix of rock and jazz in the trio Equally Stupid.


Tammela 33100


Songwriters Jaani and Annaleena Haapasalo form the nucleus of the folk-rock group Tammela 33100 (the postal address of their residence). Their songs infuse solid storytelling with dark irony and humour. Their music ranges from acoustic campfire songs to full out electric rock, but always with a twist.

The group released a digital EP “Siperia” in 2012 and joined the Eclipse Music roster shortly after for a full lenght album “Muistatko Illat”, released in 2013. Since the album they have played an impressive run of shows with their live outfit.

In the spring of 2015 Tammela 33100 is releasing a series of 6 digital singles of new material to be compiled into an EP release later.

Jaani Haapasalo – vocals, guitar
Annaleena Haapasalo – vocals, piano, glockenspiel

Aarne Schmitt – guitar
Tapio Ylinen – guitar, keyboards
Kalle Saarelma – bass
Ville Hatanpää – drums
Lauri Seppä – guitar, banjo
Olli Poutanen – accordeon

Rissanen – Verheyen – Ounaskari


One of the most popular jazz pianists in Finland Aki Rissanen joins forces with Belgian sax player Robin Verheyen and award winning drummer Markku Ounaskari.

The trio’s music is a mix of melodic improvisation and classical chamber music where Rissanen’s atmospheric piano meets Verheyen’s melodic sensibilities. Ounaskari’s minimalistic drumming gives the trio a great deal of musical space.

Aki Rissanen – piano
Robin Verheyen – sax
Markku Ounaskari – drums


Aki Rissanen Radio Interview @ Classic Jazz

Sole Azul


Harri Kuusijärvi – accordion
Pauli Lyytinen – saxophone
Eero Tikkanen – bass

Sole Azul takes the tango from its Argentinian roots and plants it into the Nordic frozen soil. The trio, led by accordionist Harri Kuusijärvi and featuring the talents of   Pauli Lyytinen (tenor sax) and Eero Tikkanen (bass) , takes a jazz-influenced improvisational approach to the fiery passion of the tango.

The trio’s debut Quasi Tango features original compositions from Harri Kuusijärvi, Eero Tikkanen, Ville Vokkolaisen and a new version of the evergreen Finnish tango “Lapin Tango” by Unto Mononen.

In a way Quasi Tango is also a musical documentary of how the band itself came to be. Harri Kuusijärvi tells the story like this:

”It was a strange sum of coincidences. I was traveling through Argentina playing tango shows in March of 2017. At the city of Azul I was robbed and lost all my instruments. I managed to complete the remaining shows in Buenos Aires by borrowing an electric piano. After returning home to Finland I had no accordion and no gigs, so I played piano at home while also reading topical poems written by Jaakko Laitinen. I went down that rabbit hole for a few weeks and ended up composing tango songs inspired by what had happened and Jaakko’s poems. These songs form the basis of this album.

Things developed further when I got a call my home town Pello (a small town in Finnish Lapland) to play at a local summer event. I asked Pauli and Eero to come and play. We ended up staying in Lapland for a week, made some new songs and arranged my songs to fit the newly born trio.”

Harri Kuusijärvi is one of the most unique voices in modern accordion music. He has composed contemporary art music pieces, performed with some of the top popular acts in Finland and received much critical acclaim with his various prog rock, jazz and world music projects.

In addition to receiving the Ted Curson Memorial Award at the 2017 edition of the Pori Jazz Festival composer and saxophonist Pauli Lyytinen is best known for his works with groups like Elifantree, Pauli Lyytinen Machinery, Pauli Lyytinen Magnetia Orkesteri, Equally Stupid and Raoul Björkenheim eCsTaSy. He is one of the most highly respected members of his generation of Finnish jazz musicians.

Eero Tikkanen is one of the most sought after bass players in Finland and best known for groups like Mopo, Mikko Innanen 10+ ja Joose Keskitalo.

Mia Simanainen & Ahava


Jazz vocalist Mia Simanainen is a graduate of the Sibelius Academy and she has performed and worked with a variety of high profile groups and projects.

She has released two album with her group Ahava, featuring some of the best jazz musicians on Finland. Ahava’s etherial music was perhaps best described by music critic Jukka Piiroinen in Pohjolan Sanomat newspaper: “An exceptional combination of modern jazz and poetry”.

Mia Simanainen – vocals
Kari Ikonen – piano
Mika Kallio – drums
Mikko Herrala – bass
Kari Heinilä – sax, flute


S. Rögnvaldsson’s Dark Forest

Sigurdur Rögnvaldsson – guitar

Johannes Sarjasto – sax
Eero Tikkanen – bass
Ville Pynssi – drums

Dark Forest is a concept band, founded by Sigurdur Rögnvaldsson in 2013. Based on Sigurdur’s own compositions, Dark Forest invites the listeners to a journey through a dark and mystical forest, full of mutated creatures and their strange yet captivating stories in Kisima.

Kisima takes a unique and fresh approach to progressive jazz with rock influences. The album’s atmospheric and melodic qualities create a playfully fresh sound which draws from heavy riffs, dynamic drum beats and screaming saxophone sounds. In Kisima, Sigurdur is joined by saxophonist Johannes Sarjasto, bassist Eero Tikkanen and drummer Ville Pynssi.

Sigurdur has been an important actor in Helsinki music scene. Besides having regularly played with Uinuva and his own band Equally Stupid, he has collaborated with such prominent musicians as Verneri Pohjola, Raoul Björkenheim, Pauli Lyytinen and Anni Elif Egecioglu to name a few, in different concepts and styles.



The 4 piece enseble formed by Elifantree’s drummer Tatu Rönkkö, whose woderfully crazy artistry is very much present in the bands debut album “Urban Ritual”. Moving somewhere between free jazz, sonic experimentation and heavy metal (sic!) the band is a true force of nature.

Joining him in the group are Elifantree cohort Pauli Lyytinen on sax, Otto Eskelinen and MOPO bassist Eero Tikkanen who has also played with Tatu in the fusion group Auteur Jazz.

Slo Motive


Sanni Orasmaa – vocals
Kari Ikonen – Keyboards
Abdisa “Mamba” Assefa – drums, percussion

An all star trio of Finnish jazz musicians. Slo Motive plays slow, funky grooves fused with Orasmaa’s grand vocals. This is electric jazz at its very best.

MTV Iggy selected Slo Motive as one of the 20 most notable nordic jazz acts.


Kadi Quartet


Kadi Vija – vocals
Mikael Myrskog – piano
Pasi Toivanen – bass
Tomi Saikkonen – drums

Kadi Quartet strives to bring forth their outlook on what a jazz quartet can be in the 21st century. Rather than solely bathing in the spotlight, in addition to her own adventurous improvisations, Kadi Vija also redefines the role of a jazz singer by creating backgrounds for the other soloists. By combining the catchiness of pop-music, free improvised music and everything in between, Kadi Quartet makes a strong statement of what jazz is today.

After winning the Finnish leg of the Young Nordic Jazz Comets in 2013 they released their debut album “Stories”. Eclipse Music released the album in Finland and the album was also picked up by Greg Osby’s Inner Cirle label in The United States.



Four jazz greats combine forces. Finland’s jazz musician of the year 2014, drummer Markku Ounaskari is the backbone of this quartet featuring Swedish bass legend Anders Jormin, vocalist Lena Willemark and sax man and flautist Kari “Sonny” Heinilä.

The group combines modern jazz with folk music influences and top quality improvisation.

Markku Ounaskari – drums
Kari Heinilä – sax, flute
Lena Willemark – vocals
Anders Jormin – bass

Markku Ounaskari Interview @ Classic Jazz

Equally Stupid


Pauli Lyytinen – sax
Siggi Rögnvaldsson – guitar, baritone guitar
David Maier – drums

The Finnish-Swiss-Icelandic trio Equally Stupid is yet another brilliant group in the Eclipse Music roster to break conventions in jazz. Fusing King Crimson-esque progressive rock with free form jazz imrpovisation this group is a real gem to jazz and prog fans alike.

Their debut album “Exploding Head” was released in September 2014 to critical acclaim and supported by a two part tour of Finland. The first 300 unit edition of the CD sold out very quickly.


Olavi Louhivuori


Perhaps the most in-demand jazz drummer in Finland, Olavi Louhivuori has toured the world with several high profile groups. Tomasz Stanko, Ilmiliekki Quartet, UMO Jazz Orchestra and Piirpauke to name a few.

In recent years he has also gained great personal success composing, performing and recording with his own group Oddarrang and his solo albums.

Louhivuori’s second solo effort “Existence” is a minimalistic/ambient masterpiece fused with sonic experimentation and jazz drumming.

Timo Ylinen


Timo Ylinen has made a long career as a supporting musician for many great Finnish rock and pop artists. He has worked amongst others with Katriina Honkanen, Pekka Tegelman, Liisa Tavi and Sakari Kuosmanen.

Timo is a classic singer-songwriter drawing his influences from, for example, James Taylor, Crosby Stills & Nash, The Beatles and Neil Young.

He has published one album and one single of original songs in Finnish. 2013 he released an album, featuring songs from many of his favourite songwriters like James Taylor, Jackson Browne and Don McLean, called Playing Favourites.

Galleria: ”Christine” single (1981) Hi-Hat
Timo Ylinen: ”Tuulen nimi” (1998) Final Mix FMCD-109
Timo Ylinen: ”Suruaan se kitara soittaa” (2002) TNS-01
Timo Ylinen: Playing Favourites CD and Vinyl ( Eclipse Music )

Liisa Tavi: ”Niin Se Käy” (1986)
Katriina Honkanen: ”Matka-arkku” (1993), ”Murtuisko Siivet” (1995), ”Marseillen Saippuaa” (1997), ”Valo Lentää”(2001), ”7”(2003)
Markk & The Star Archers: ”Are You Anywhere” (single)

“Kyky -84” finaali, MTV3 1984
“Tapsan Tahdit”, YLE 1994

Kari Ikonen & Karikko


Winner of the Jazz Musician of the Year award in 2013, recipient of the Jazz Emma (Finnish Grammy) in 2001 and nominee of the highly regarded Teosto Award in 2012, Kari Ikonen is one of the most successful jazz musicians in Finland.

One of his most enduring bands Karikko (featuring the great French cellist Vincent Courtois) has released three albums. The third album “The Helsinski Suite” was nominated for the Teosto award in 2012.

Radio Interview @ Classic Jazz

Juha Kujanpää


Band of the Year 2014 @ Kaustinen International Folk Music Festival

Juha Kujanpää’s debut solo album “Tales And Travels” is a real must-have to all fans of symphonic prog rock. Kujanpää’s sound combines a folk-influenced string ensemble with a prog rock quartet, and the result is majestic music that rivals Mike Oldfield and Pekka Pohjola at their best. Timo Kämäräinen’s excellent guitar playing gives the music the “virtuoso”-element.

The album was released to a plethora of fantastic reviews from both critics (jazz, prog and folk alike) and fans. It very soon became one the all time best selling albums in the Eclipse Music catalogue.

Kujanpää Ensemble is currently finishing their second album due to be released in the autumn of 2015.

Radio Interview

Liberty Ship


Liberty Ship returns in spring 2015 with their second double album for Eclipse Music. After the undenieble artistic statement which was the 2013 debut ”Approaching”, the band continues to seek uncharted waters of creative expression in contemporary jazz music.

A bold double album: one acoustic CD, one electric, on which their music is adventurous, mysterious, creative and unpredictable.

The album was premiered at a Concert at Koko Jazzclub, Helsinki, Finland 1.3.2015 and it ail be in shops on 20th of march.

Liberty Ship, formed in 2012, navigates the deep waters of free jazz and improvised music in constant pursuit of liberated self-expression. Acclaimed saxophonist and composer EsaPietilä leads this all-star quartet of accomplished Finnish jazz musicians, pushing eachmusician to the boundaries of their creative ability. According to the reviews, authors,Liberty Ship is without a doubt one of the most exciting and adventurous projects to emerge from the booming Finnish jazz scene

CD “Approaching” voted for ALBUM OF THE YEAR – Best new releases 2013″ by The New York City Jazz Record

Esa Pietilä – tenor saxophone
Aki Rissanen – piano, prepared piano, effects
Antti Lötjönen – acoustic bass
Olavi Louhivuori – drums

Listen to the new album:

Raoul Björkenheim TRIAD



Raoul Björkenheim – guitars
Jori Huhtala – double bass
Ilmari Heikinheimo – drums

Björkenheim is a great presence is the finnish music scene and has made quite a career both in Europe and North America.

Raoul Björkenheim is a familiar name in the jazz/experimental scene with his fiery guitar playing rooting back to early 80`s. He is best known for multiple bands including Krakatau, Scorch Trio, Ecstasy and the duo Heim(o), also with Heikinheimo on drums. Triad however makes everything bigger, bolder and more experimental. A “spectacular mayhem” of sounds.

The band’s first album “Beyond” is a strong statement from Triad, a unique musical journey into sounds and textures, bold and raw.

Earl Boncamper


Born on the Caribbean island of Nevis, Earl Boncamper has made a substantial musical career in Finland since the 70’s playing percussion and singing with some of the best musicians in Finland, including Pekka Tegelman and many others.

Boncamper’s debut solo album was released in 2012 and features the bluesy guitar wizardry of Jarkka Rissanen, who also produced the album.

Augur Ensemble


AUGUR ENSEMBLE consists of young and upcoming musicians from Switzerland, Norway and Sweden. Their music is a combination of classical chamber music, modern art music and improvised jazz.

After releasing their debut album “The Daily Unknown” in 2013 they have toured actively in Scandinavia, Switzerland and Germany.

Eirik Dørsdal (NO) / trumpet
Anni Elif Egecioglu (SE) / cello, voice
Fabian M. Mueller (CH) / piano
Kaspar von Grünigen (CH) / double bass
Øyvind Hegg-Lunde (NO) / drums



new album: ANEMONE (2018)

Anni Elif (SE) – vocals, synthesizers
Pauli Lyytinen (FI) – saxophone, EWI, effects, drum machine, synthesizer
Olavi Louhivuori (FI) – drums

Elifantree moves from dreamscapes to fever sweats within the same bar, enigmatic and unnerving and wonderfully unpredictable. The trio makes music with the framework of jazz, but usually trek well outside of it. With strong rhythmical textures, tenor saxophone, EWI, ambient soundscapes and dazzling vocals they create a sound much larger and wider than the sum of their parts.

The band has been making music together for a decade and in March 2018 their fourth full-length album Anemone was released by record label Eclipse Music. On the new album they proudly introduce a new element to their pallet of instruments – EWI, the electric wind instrument. Anemone is inspired by refections on the immense power of love and the colorful fow of underwater worlds. The general water theme on the album led to a co-operation with photographer Susanna Majuri (known for her underwater art) who made the photos for the cover and booklet.

“The name Anemone defned the direction of the album and led to sublime dreamy moods and stories that moves between life and death,” says saxophonist Pauli Lyytinen on the band’s new release. As a counterweight to the dreamlike moods Elifantree also delivers lots rhythmical multi-layers, rich harmonies and melodies with a great energy.

Musically Elifantree’s latest album is a progressive mix of Bollywood pop, jazz, ambient, EDM, art and Caribbean disco. Despite the number of stylistic infuences they have succeeded to create a coherent and sensitive musical entity that combines the themes of water, love and loss beautifully.
The album features a wide range of musical instruments such as; EWI (electric wind instrument), tenor saxophone, vocals, analogue drum machine, synthesizers, sample-pad, piano and drums. Multi-instrumentalists Anni Elif and Pauli Lyytinen have extended their energetic expression with effect pedals and Olavi Louhivuori, who joined the band in 2015, adds his vibrant and playful drumming to the mix.

The outcome is a truly unique and organic album. “With the Anemone-album it feels like we have turned the page”, says vocalist Anni Elif.

Record label: Eclipse Music (ECD-201860 / ELP-201806, CD 23.03.2018, LP 06.04.2018)
Distributor: Super sounds / Phonfl / Galileo Music
1. Anemone / 2. Reveries / 3. Presence / 4. I Love You / 5. Nana / 6. Coral Disco / 7. Thunder / 8. Inexhaustible
Music by: Elifantree
Recorded and mixed by: Joonas Saikkonen at Ambience Studios
Mastered by: Petter Eriksson at Studio Korpen

“Elifantree ́s music is perhaps the most unique jazz that is currently being done in Finland.” – Katri Kallionpää (2018)

“Elifantree is an ingeniously peculiar band.“ – Luca Gasser, Tiroler Tagezeitung (2018)

“Many artists claim to have a ‘unique sound’ but Elifantree is one of the rare ones that actually do.” – Matti Nives, We Jazz (2017)




The continuation in a series of fantastic collaborations between sax player Pauli Lyytinen (Elifantree) and guitarist Siggi Rögnvaldsson. DEFEKT fuses jazz with surf rock and computer game music.

The quartet is completed by a top class rhythm section: Joonas Kuusisto (Kauhukakata, Common Creature) on bass and Oyvind Hegg-Lunde on drums.

Tapio Ylinen


The founder of Eclipse Music is also a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. In his songs Tapio channels together the sensitivity of the great singer-songwriters with classic rock sounds, blues guitar and a touch of progressive rock styles. Educated in both music and the dramatic arts he is an expert storyteller both musically and lyrically.

Released in 2012, his debut album is a true solo effort with Ylinen playing all instruments himself.

In addition to his solo work Ylinen is a member of two other bands in the Eclipse Music artist roster: Juhani Valkama’s ensemble and folk rockers Tammela 33100. He also plays guitar with the Pink Floyd tribute band PULSE and works as a freelance radio host.


Radio Interview:

Kokko Quartet


Established in 2010 and based in Helsinki, the group plays recognizably Scandinavian jazz but draws influences from Indian and Arabic music as well as Cuban rhythms, thus creating a distinctive overall sound. Kokko Quartet performs songs written by pianist Johanna Pitkänen, saxophone player Kaisa Siirala and bass player Timo Tuppurainen. Together with drummer Risto Takala, these four musicians share an interest in free expression, jazz and world music. Intuitively, they move through the music with a spirit of great freedom in their interplay.

The group’s debut album Like a River was released in March 2013. It was well received by both the national and the international press. Kokko Quartet was invited to play a showcase in Jazzahead! 2013 and since then they have played at major jazz festivals including Bohemia Jazz in Czech and Pori Jazz in Finland. In December 2015 they did a large tour of Australia.

Their second album “Orient Express” is out in August 2016 on Eclipse Music.

Kaisa Siirala, saxophones and flutes
Johanna Pitkänen, piano and keys
Timo Tuppurainen, bass
Risto Takala, drums

Pauli Lyytinen Magnetia Orkesteri



Pauli Lyytinen – saxophone
Verneri Pohjola – trumpet
Eero Tikkanen – double bass
Mika Kallio – drums

The energetic quartet Pauli Lyytinen Magnetia Orkesteri – led by sax maestro Pauli Lyytinen and co-starring internationally celebrated trumpetist Verneri Pohjola – released its debut album in July 2017 at the Pori Jazz Festival where Lyytinen also received the Ted Curson Award as artist of the year. The group originally formed in 2015 around the concept of freshening up a classic jazz line up of sax, trumpet, bass and drums. The group’s debut tour the following made headlines and stirred a formidable buzz in the Finnish jazz scene and culminated in the release of the album, simple titled “I”. The album was also released in Germany in October 2017 and the follow up is currently in the works.

Pauli Lyytinen (born 1983) is an active musician and a front line representative of the young Finnish jazz generation. Lyytinen is known as a saxophonist with a strong and original sound and has lately performed in groups such as Elifantree, Pauli Lyytinen Machinery, Kauhukakara, Equally Stupid, Raoul Björkenheim eCsTaSy and Mikko Innanen 10+.

Verneri Pohjola is one of Finland’s most well known and respected jazz musicians internationally. He has recorded for both ACT and Edition Records. He recently received the highest honour in Finnish jazz in the form of the Yrjö -award which is given annually to the jazz musician of the year.

Bassist Eero Tikkanen is known for his powerful touch and impressive improvisational skills. He is best known for his work in the trio Mopo. Completing the rhythm section is drummer Mika Kallio, a bedrock of Finnish jazz drumming who is currently playing with Kari Ikonen, Mikko Innanen and Verneri Pohjola Group amongst others.

Skalle & Sharon


A different kind of jazz trio. Sax player Pauli Lyytinen, drummer Tatu Rönkkö and keyboard wizard Tuomas Turunen teamed up in 2009 to record an album that fearlessly fused influences ranging from fusion jazz to tango. After a successful tour supporting the album the band has, however, remained in hiatus awaiting new developments. Tatu and Pauli joined up to form Elifantree with Anni Egecioglu while Tuomas has recorded an excellent solo album and toured with various other bands.



Salomo is one of the most notable ambassadors of Finn-reggae. After the release of his debut album in 2011 he toured extensively in the Finnish club and summer festival scene.

His second album “Kultainen lanka” saw daylight just before Christmas 2013. The crowdfunded album was received very well amongst reggae fans.



Eclipse Music is an independent record label based in Tampere, Finland. Formed in 2007 Eclipse has in recent years become one of the premier publishers of jazz, progressive music and singer-songwriters in Finland.

High artistic quality and independent spirit are the essence of Eclipse Music.

Distribution – Finland: Supersounds Music
Distribution – Germany: Galileo Music & Communication
Digital Distribution: The Orchard
Eclipse Music Digital



Main Office & Warehouse:
c/o Kulttuurikeskus Uulu
Erkkilänkatu 11 C, 4th floor
33100 Tampere

tel. +358 (0) 44 553 2977

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