Christmas Calendar, days 18-24

Very sorry about the delay here. Keeping up with this calendar when, at the same time, completing all other work that had to be done before Christmas Eve turned out to be an impossible task. I’m sure you all understand ūüėČ

In any case, I decided to release the remaining songs of this musical calendar in one post as a sort of pre-Christmas gift to everyone following these blog posts.

So please enjoy the remaining tracks! Lots of great music here.

Merry Christmas everyone! There’s lots of exciting new music coming up in 2017. Stay tuned!

Peace, brothers and sisters!

– Tapio

Track 18 – Layers by Elifantree

Track 19 – Waiting by Johanna Elina

Track 20 – Unicorn Attack by Njet Njet 9

Track 21 РElegy Time by Esa Pietilä

Track 22 – Unseen Axis by Mikko Innanen & Simo Laihonen

Track 23 – Ozin de by Trio Toffa

Track 24 – The Day Grew Small by Quartet Ajaton

Christmas Calendar, day #17

December 17th, track 17: Into the Night by Antti Utriainen Expansion

More in the traditional jazz piano trio category as, perhaps, our other titles. Nevertheless the group, led by pianist Antti Utriainen, delivers a groovy album of great compositions and solid musicianship.

Christmas Calendar, day #16

December 16th, track 16: Exploding Head by Equally Stupid

Pauli Lyytinen and Siggi Rögnvaldsson with David Meier are releasing a new album early in 2017 (so look out for that one!). Meanwhile, please enjoy the oping track of their first album. The CD pressing was sold out (sic!) during the tour in 2014 but fortunately downloads are still available. Very much suitable for jazz and rock / prog rock fans everywhere.

Christmas Calendar, day #15

December 15th, track 15: Warp Drive by Liberty Ship

Esa Pietil√§ leads a team of Finnish jazz all stars (Aki Rissanen, Antti L√∂tj√∂nen, Olavi Louhivuori) on this double album of fantastic improvisation. Voted as “Album of the Year” in the New York City Jazz Record magazine in 2013. Enough said.

Christmas Calendar, day #14

December 14th, track 14: Abyss by Tuomas Paukku Description

A special treat from a brand new release. Guitarist Tuomas Paukku will be performing his new album tomorrow (Dec 15th) at the Eclipse Jazz Club as an opening act for the great Raoul Björkenheim.

Here’s a track from Tuomas’ fantastic, atmospheric album (only available as vinyl LP and download). Please download, have a listen and come and join us at the club tomorrow.

This download is free for a limited time only, so claim your copy sooner rather than later.

Christmas Calendar, day #13

December 13th, track 13 – The Wind by Timo Ylinen (originally by Cat Stevens)

The opening track of Timo’s second full length album is an intimate cover of Cat Stevens’ classic “The Wind”. The Playing Favourites album includes songs from Timo’s favourite songwriters performed acoustically with an authentic 70’s folk-pop sound.

Timo recently followed up the album with a 3 song EP. Check it out here!

Christmas Calendar, day #12

December 12th, track 12: Nuoruus by Tapio Ylinen

The title track of his debut album was originally written for a play Tapio wrote and directed in 2008. It’s based on a poem by late great bohemian author Arto Melleri. For this recording the original song was extended with a new vocal coda and guitar solo. Excluding drums Tapio plays all instruments himself.

Check out Tapio’s new EP here.

Christmas Calendar, day #10

Decemeber 10th, track 10: Lumottu kevät by Mia Simanainen & Ahava

Well known for her work with the Adiemus Singers, Mia Simanainen’s album of original work draws from themes of nature and poetry. With an almost hymn-like delicacy the music takes its listener on a real journey, as the title “Matka” suggests.

Christmas Calendar, day #9

December 9th, track 9 – Cold Dream by Common Creature

Common Creature is a band with Joonas Kuusisto on acoustic bass and the wonderful Swedish singer Sarah Riedel. Their only album up to date “Daydreamers” was released in 2011 to critical acclaim and the duo even performed live on Swedish TV. Melodic and beautiful music for jazz and singer-songwriter fans alike.