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14th of December 2017 07:03 PM Link
Check out our ticket contest and get your seats to next tuesday's Record Release Show
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14th of December 2017 06:09 PM Link
Laura Annika Quartet is featured on another Spotify playlist: Vocal Jazz
11th of December 2017 04:52 PM Link
Eclipse Music is proud to announce that our recording artists Anni Elif and Teemu Viinikainen are nominated for Jazz Album of the Year at Emma Gaala. Congrats also to Aki Rissanen, Verneri Pohjola and Teppo Mäkynen.
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10th of December 2017 07:44 PM Link
Elifantree featured in two playlists by New Nordic Indie. The alternative and jazz lists. Check them out here!
10th of December 2017 07:41 PM Link
New Nordic Friday playlist features some great music from all over the Nordic countries. This weekly list features new tracks from Tapio Ylinen and Elifantree!
10th of December 2017 07:22 PM Link
"Brother Come Back" by Tapio Ylinen featured on this Rock playlist by New Nordic Indie at Spotify. Also available at Tidal and Apple Music
9th of December 2017 07:52 PM Link
Check out the live stream of Raoul Björkenheim TRIAD starting at 8PM
9th of December 2017 04:17 PM Link
"Sounding like pastoral English prog... a rather wonderful album."

Tapio Ylinen and co. get some airplay at 21st Century Prog & Jazz Show, Surrey Hills Radio
8th of December 2017 05:32 PM Link
7th of December 2017 05:17 PM Link
Anni Elif hits the European Jazz Media Charts!
5th of December 2017 03:08 PM Link
Laura Annika Quartet concert review at Jazzrytmit Web Magazine
5th of December 2017 12:01 PM Link
A substantial interview at Aamulehti newspaper about Tapio Ylinen's new album with Tatu Rönkkö and Miikkael Anttila
4th of December 2017 08:45 AM Link
PRESS RELEASE - Award -winning young double bass player Kaisa Mäensivu to release her debut album ’In the key of K’ -
4th of December 2017 08:31 AM Link
MEDIATIEDOTE - Nuoren jazzsukupolven kiinnostavin kontrabasisti Kaisa Mäensivu julkaisee ensimmäisen levynsä -
2nd of December 2017 02:01 PM Link
A review of Raoul Björkenheim Triad's recent concert
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2nd of December 2017 01:35 PM Link
Laura Annika Quartet has reached 31 000 streams on Spotify in just two weeks.
2nd of December 2017 12:50 PM Link
Elifantree's new and amazing single is out today. Available on spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Google etc. Go and check it out right now!
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1st of December 2017 05:34 PM Link
Tapio Ylisen kolmas albumi kokoaa yhteen huipputrion. LEFT UNSAID ilmestyy tänään! -
1st of December 2017 04:43 PM Link
30th of November 2017 11:30 AM Link