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21st of October 2016 10:23 AM Link
NEW ALBUMS from Eclipse Music - Trio Toffa, Tapio Ylinen & Unka, Max Zenger (Maxxxtet), Mikko Innanen & Simo Laihonen
21st of October 2016 10:06 AM Link
Uutuuksia Eclipse Musicilta! Trio Toffa, Tapio Ylinen & Unka, Max Zenger (Maxxxtet), Sanna Ruohoniemi
19th of October 2016 09:22 AM Link
Olavi Louhivuori (Elifantree, Liberty Ship, Oddarrang etc) gives a long interview to YLE Puhe.
15th of October 2016 09:41 AM Link
Maxxxtet Chapter 1 is now available for pre-orders in iTunes

Max Zenger
14th of October 2016 02:57 PM Link
Trio Toffa's new album "Positive" is out today!!

Check out the new video:
Get your copy of the album here:
14th of October 2016 10:28 AM Link
A live video of Pauli Lyytinen's solo performance at Lost in Music.
12th of October 2016 07:09 AM Link
Mediatiedote - Max Zenger jatkaa Eclipse Musicin syksyn julkaisusarjaa - *|URL|*
6th of October 2016 08:50 AM Link
Elifantree is one of the 10 most interesting artists at Lost In Music 2016 according to Aamulehti.
4th of October 2016 02:27 PM Link
Our live club continues on Thursday at Tampereen Ylioppilasteatteri / Eclipse Jazz Club.

Expect to hear these tracks (and lots more)
30th of September 2016 03:51 AM Link
A good point and a very good review for Sanna Ruohoniemi in
28th of September 2016 02:36 PM Link
Our live club continues next thursday, October 6th.
Eclipse Goes Lost In Music: Elifantree/Njet Njet 9/Rantama Trio
Eclipse Jazz Club on osa tämän vuoden Lost in Music -festivaalia. 19.00 RANTAMA TRIO Kuopiosta kajahtaa ennakkoluulo...
6th of October 2016 04:00 PM
21st of September 2016 03:34 PM Link
**** 4/5 star for Quartet Ajaton at
20th of September 2016 03:05 PM Link
The Official Music Video playlist for Lost in Music 2016 featuring Elifantree, Njet Njet 9 and Rantama Trio
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19th of September 2016 07:40 AM Link
Glowing reviews for our live club, for Quartet Ajaton and Pauli Lyytinen Musician/Composer Magnetia!!

"The best Finnish jazz right now"...
17th of September 2016 11:32 AM Link
A cool start to our live club. Thank you everyone! Next show October 6th.
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13th of September 2016 07:59 AM Link
PRESS RELEASE - Jazz singer Sanna Ruohoniemen releases "Tales of a Stranger" on October 7th
13th of September 2016 07:00 AM Link
Mediatiedote - Jazzlaulaja Sanna Ruohoniemen albumi "Tales of a Stranger" ilmestyy 7.10.
9th of September 2016 02:06 PM Link
Ajaton Quartet is a "Dream Team" according to the newspaper Karjalainen :)
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9th of September 2016 12:08 PM Link
Pauli Lyytinen kiertää Verneri Pohjolan kanssa - Pauli Lyytinen Magnetia Kiertue 2016
9th of September 2016 06:49 AM Link
Interview with Mia Simanainen Quartet Ajaton