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16th of March 2018 11:43 AM Link
Eclipse Jazz Clubin kevään ohjelmisto julki! -
14th of March 2018 11:38 AM Link
"Quality pop with jazz roots" writes Jan-Erik Holmber at Hbl - Hufvudstadsbladet newspaper about Elifantree's new album.
13th of March 2018 03:59 PM Link
Tapio Ylinen's album reviewed in the German prog magazine Eclipsed.

"Ylinen delivers a beautiful guitar solo after another. A perfect example is the song Noble Heart. The beautiful melodylines are straightforward earworms."
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13th of March 2018 08:29 AM Link
MEDIATIEDOTE - Juhani Aaltonen & Raoul Björkenheim julkaisevat duoalbumin "Awakening" -
9th of March 2018 04:52 PM Link
Another review for the new Elifantree album. Thanks Jazzpossu!
9th of March 2018 08:03 AM Link
Press release - Elifantree: The fantastic new album Anemone is out now! -
9th of March 2018 07:28 AM Link
Norma is holding a contest. Get a free CD!
8th of March 2018 05:11 PM Link
A friendly reminder!
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6th of March 2018 04:22 PM Link
4/5 stars from the biggest newspaper in Finland: Helsingin Sanomat. Things are looking good for Elifantree's new album. Anemone is out in Finland this friday and March 23rd in Germany.

The limited edition color vinyl is also in the works and coming up in April!
2nd of March 2018 11:50 AM Link
From their upcoming album, here's the first single by electric indie-pop vocal group Norma.
27th of February 2018 08:26 PM Link
A great review and story about Maxxxtet's current tour and their latest album, Chapter 2
25th of February 2018 01:04 PM Link
The reviews for the upcoming Elifantree album start off very nicely indeed. 4 1/2 stars out of 5 from
21st of February 2018 06:08 PM Link
Juha Kujanpää's track "Kumina" featured in the German prog/rock magazine Eclipsed and their latest sampler CD. Get your copy!
19th of February 2018 10:36 AM Link
Elifantree's upcoming Anemone is one of the most interesting albums of the spring season according to Tomi Nordlund and the newspaper Aamulehti.
16th of February 2018 10:10 AM Link
Elifantree's long awaited 4th album Anemone is available for pre-orders. The CD is out March 9th and the Limited Edition color vinyl (200 copies only!!) will be available April 6th.
16th of February 2018 10:08 AM Link
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13th of February 2018 05:31 PM Link
Moria is featured on this Spotify list for new hot Finnish tracks!
5th of February 2018 03:50 PM Link
New Nordic Indie has playlisted new tracks from Tammela 33100 and Tapio Ylinen on Spotify
31st of January 2018 10:25 AM Link
Jazz Podium magazine in Germany says that Teemu Viinikainen guitarist's album is "Excellent".

The album is available in Germany through our partner Galileo Music
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31st of January 2018 09:01 AM Link
MEDIATIEDOTE - Moria julkaisee esikois-EP:nsä perjantaina -