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20th of February 2017 10:51 AM Link
According to the newspaper Ilkka, Harri Kuusijärvi Koutus' new album is a 5 star masterpiece!
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20th of February 2017 10:09 AM Link
Equally Stupid featured on ukjazz radio program. Escape from the Unhappy Society is CD of the Month!
18th of February 2017 01:47 PM Link
Progarchives likes Koutus! 4/5
14th of February 2017 04:02 PM Link
Pauli Lyytinen Musician/Composer solo piece Machinery reviewed on The Wire Magazine.
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14th of February 2017 03:29 PM Link
Equally Stupid receives 4 stars from Ilkka and newspapers.
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10th of February 2017 04:11 PM Link
Aletoric (Aki Rissanen, Robin Verheyen and Markku Ounaskari) are playing a record release show at the main library here in Tampere. The show takes place on Friday, February 17th at 5.30pm.

Please join us! FREE OF CHARGE!
Aki Rissanen Aleatoric
Pääkirjasto Metson musiikkiosastolla esiintyvä Aleatoric trio on Jazz-Emmalla 2016 palkitun pianisti Aki Rissasen, sa...
17th of February 2017 05:30 PM
9th of February 2017 11:02 AM Link
PRESS RELEASE - Award winning pianist Aki Rissanen releases new music with Aleatoric: Song for Solstice
9th of February 2017 10:01 AM Link
PRESS RELEASE - Harri Kuusijärvi Koutus’ 2nd album Music For A Family Picnic out Feb 17th
7th of February 2017 07:59 AM Link
EMMA-voittaja Aki Rissanen mukana uudella julkaisulla - Aleatoric: Songs For Solstice ilmestyy 17.2.2017
3rd of February 2017 10:28 AM Link
Mediatiedote - Harri Kuusijärvi Koutus –yhtyeentoinen albumi julkaistaan 17.2.
3rd of February 2017 07:59 AM Link
Suomalais-tanskalainen Vela julkaisee debyyttinsä Wandering 10.2.2017
2nd of February 2017 06:38 PM Link
Esa Pietilä and Juha Kujanpää are among the 100 possible nominees for the Teosto Award.
2nd of February 2017 03:27 PM Link
4 and a half out of 5 stars for Equally Stupid at AllAboutJazz
2nd of February 2017 10:00 AM Link
Finnish-Danish duo Vela releases debut album Feb 10th
2nd of February 2017 08:01 AM Link
Suomalais-tanskalainen Vela julkaisee debyyttinsä Wandering 10.2.2017
30th of January 2017 11:20 AM Link
First reviews of the Equally Stupid tour are in!
28th of January 2017 12:35 PM Link
Equally Stupid featured on Zaphod MAnn's podcast. Check it out here:
24th of January 2017 10:31 AM Link
24th of January 2017 08:04 AM Link
An extensive interview piece on Equally Stupid at Satakunnan Kansa newspaper. The album release tour start on friday!
23rd of January 2017 09:16 AM Link
Tapio Ylinen and UNKA featured on the national broadcaster Yleisradio's program alongside Echo and the Bunnymen & The Beatles. Not bad..