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21st of April 2017 11:19 AM Link
Out today! Sound The Bell's debut single. The album is soon to follow in May. Stay tuned!
21st of April 2017 08:21 AM Link
Elifantree is included in this playlist. They'll be performing at the opening of this year's Jazzahead! 2017 festival!
21st of April 2017 07:54 AM Link
Raoul Björkenheim Triad: The new album BEYOND out now!
21st of April 2017 07:21 AM Link
Uusi Raoul Björkenheim Triad CD "Beyond" julkaistaan tänään!
19th of April 2017 09:02 AM Link
MEDIATIEDOTE - Uusi Heikki Ruokankaan albumi Monologues julkaistaan 28.4
12th of April 2017 11:08 AM Link
Raoul Björkenheim Triad Record Release Show!!
Raoul Björkenheim Triad: Beyond CD release party
19th of April 2017 09:00 PM
10th of April 2017 09:01 AM Link
MEDIATIEDOTE - Uusi Raoul Björkenheim Triad CD "Beyond" julkaistaan 21.4.
7th of April 2017 10:46 AM Link
Team Eclipse Music is fantastically well represented in this year's Jazz-Espa concert series!

Equally Stupid, Njet Njet 9, Pauli Lyytinen Magnetia, Tuomas Paukku Scription and Max Zenger / Maxxxtet.

Click the link for the live dates!
6th of April 2017 09:00 AM Link
Mediatiedote - Eclipse Jazz Club yhteistyöhön Kulttuuriravintola Kiven kanssa + Toukokuun konsertit
4th of April 2017 08:23 AM Link
Another 5 stars for Harri Kuusijärvi Koutus!!
29th of March 2017 02:44 PM Link
Aleatoric trio featured on German radio BRF1. 2 tracks starting at 25min into the show.
29th of March 2017 11:32 AM Link
Mikko Löytty's new single featured on the New Nordic Indie playlist for Blues and Jazz
28th of March 2017 11:45 AM Link
Liberty Ship is the Daily Tune at a Jazz Noise
24th of March 2017 09:02 AM Link
Mikko Löytty's new single out today!
23rd of March 2017 11:04 AM Link
Equally Stupid rounds up the record release tour in Helsinki.
Tenhon sunnuntaijazz: Equally Stupid & Alex Jønsson Trio
Welcome to a double concert with these these two fantastic bands, the finnish/icelandic/swiss Equally Stupid and the dan...
26th of March 2017 07:00 PM
23rd of March 2017 08:32 AM Link
The new album by Raoul Björkenheim Triad is coming soon from Eclipse Music. Stay tuned for the official press release. Meanwhile, here's a great article by Petri Silas in the prestigious Suomen Kuvalehti magazine.
20th of March 2017 07:53 PM Link
Harri Kuusijärvi receives another great review!
17th of March 2017 04:00 PM Link
3 albums by Eclipse Music reviewed on this blog post by Jukka Piiroinen.

Equally Stupid, Aleatoric (Aki Rissanen, Robin Verheyen & Markku Ounaskari) and Harri Kuusijärvi Koutus
17th of March 2017 02:54 PM Link
Njet Njet 9 included in this week's New Nordic Indie playlist on Spotify, AppleMusic, Tidal and Deezer. Check it out from the link below!
17th of March 2017 09:00 AM Link
Mediatiedote - Pink Floyd -tribuuttiyhtye PULSE konsertoi Tampere-talossa 9.4.