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17th of January 2019 08:02 AM Link
VIBA - Coming out in February!
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16th of January 2019 08:19 AM Link
The Top 10 Finnish jazz records of 2018, according to the Kohta jazzii blog, include two Eclipse Music releases. Elifantree's wonderfully energetic "Anemone" and our recent Emma Gaala nominee, Hot Heros' Folkjazz From Finland.
15th of January 2019 04:30 PM Link
The extremely versatile Anssi Salminen joins the roster of Eclipse Music for his debut solo album. Anssi is best known for his work with Jarkko Martikainen (virallinen) and the folk group Frigg. The self titled album will be released in March. Here's a quirky introduction ūüėČ
15th of January 2019 02:29 PM Link
Hifimaailma magazine has selected some noteworthy records, including three from Eclipse Music.

"Puh¬≠taal¬≠ta p√∂y¬≠d√§l¬≠t√§ aloit¬≠ta¬≠mi¬≠nen vir¬≠kis¬≠t√§√§ se¬≠kin. Ki¬≠ta¬≠ris¬≠tit Heik¬≠ki Ruo¬≠kan¬≠gas, Hen¬≠rik Hako-Rita, Juk¬≠ka Ii¬≠sak¬≠ki¬≠la ja Tuo¬≠mas Pauk¬≠ku ha¬≠ke¬≠vat ku¬≠kin uu¬≠sia tuu¬≠lia. Mo¬≠ni¬≠lah¬≠jak¬≠kai¬≠den muu¬≠si¬≠koi¬≠den saun¬≠di¬≠tut¬≠kiel¬≠mis¬≠ta uut¬≠teu¬≠tuu rin¬≠nak¬≠kai¬≠sia √§√§¬≠ni¬≠maa¬≠il¬≠mo¬≠ja, jot¬≠ka vies¬≠ti¬≠v√§t sek√§ v√§¬≠li¬≠neen et¬≠t√§ vi¬≠si¬≠on rik¬≠kau¬≠des¬≠ta. Mono and Di¬≠a¬≠lo¬≠gu¬≠es, Clocks and Clouds ja Scrip¬≠ti¬≠on pro¬≠fi¬≠loi¬≠tu¬≠vat¬≠kin it¬≠se¬≠n√§i¬≠sik¬≠si saa¬≠vu¬≠tuk¬≠sik¬≠si kui¬≠ta¬≠tes¬≠saan, et¬≠t√§ inst¬≠ru¬≠ment¬≠ti on ai¬≠na vain v√§¬≠li¬≠ne ‚Äď tun¬≠net¬≠ta¬≠han tek¬≠niik¬≠ka v√§¬≠lit¬≠t√§√§."

Ruokangas Hako-Rita, Jukka Iisakkila Tuomas Paukku Music
15th of January 2019 11:10 AM Link
MEDIATIEDOTE - Kalle Kalima ja Kari Ikonen tähdittävät saksofonisti Joakim Berghällin konseptiteosta. -
7th of January 2019 04:18 PM Link
Liberty Ship is the "Disc of the Day"
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4th of January 2019 05:19 PM Link
Hot Heros' Folkjazz From Finland -album reviewed in Kansanmusiikki magazine.
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3rd of January 2019 08:04 PM Link
We are only a month away from finding out whether the Finnish Grammy (or EMMA as it is known here) for Best Jazz Album goes to a Tampere -based group for the first time ever!

Hot Heros is Eclipse Music's nominee this year at the Emma Gaala. Follow them on Spotify! (link below)
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11th of December 2018 06:20 PM Link
The EMMA Awards nominations have been announced. Eclipse Music recording artists Hot Heros are nominated for Jazz Album of the Year!

Drummer Janne Tuomi pictured here on the left alongside fellow nominees Timo Lassy and Jori Huhtala
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28th of November 2018 11:34 AM Link
First reviews of the new Liberty Ship album are good...
25th of November 2018 12:06 PM Link
Syskofrenia has been viral. Keep listening folks and let's crack the charts ūüėČ
23rd of November 2018 05:58 PM Link
For what it's worth...
Eclipse Music will not have a black friday discount this year.

Instead we encourage you to donate something, anything, to charity. We'd recommend the Unicef relief for the children of Yemen, suffering under the horrors of war, or the World Wildlife Fund. Links below. Thank you!
23rd of November 2018 11:44 AM Link
Syskofrenia gets some hype on Spotify's New Jazz Releases list.
23rd of November 2018 10:10 AM Link
Janne Tuomi from Hot Heros interviewed in Suomen Kuvalehti magazine.
23rd of November 2018 07:44 AM Link
MEDIATIEDOTE - Kansainvälisesti arvostettu harmonikkataiteilija Maria Kalaniemi ja lauluntekijä Désirée Saarela julkaisevat duo-albumin. -
21st of November 2018 08:15 AM Link
MEDIATIEDOTE - Yrjö-palkitun Esa Pietilän ohjastama Liberty Ship tekee odotetun paluun uuden kokoonpanon myötä. -
16th of November 2018 07:12 PM Link
Syskofrenia’s debut single to be heard on tomorrow’s program on national broadcaster YLE Radio Suomi. Levylautakunta will give it’s reviews on new releases starting 1 PM local time.
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15th of November 2018 11:22 AM Link
A full page article about Sami Sippola and the new Hot Heros album by the newspaper Satakunnan Kansa.
14th of November 2018 11:16 AM Link
12th of November 2018 11:05 AM Link
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