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16th of February 2018 10:10 AM Link
Elifantree's long awaited 4th album Anemone is available for pre-orders. The CD is out March 9th and the Limited Edition color vinyl (200 copies only!!) will be available April 6th.
16th of February 2018 10:08 AM Link
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13th of February 2018 05:31 PM Link
Moria is featured on this Spotify list for new hot Finnish tracks!
5th of February 2018 03:50 PM Link
New Nordic Indie has playlisted new tracks from Tammela 33100 and Tapio Ylinen on Spotify
31st of January 2018 10:25 AM Link
Jazz Podium magazine in Germany says that Teemu Viinikainen guitarist's album is "Excellent".

The album is available in Germany through our partner Galileo Music
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31st of January 2018 09:01 AM Link
MEDIATIEDOTE - Moria julkaisee esikois-EP:nsä perjantaina -
29th of January 2018 11:19 AM Link
Tammela 33100 featured in this Spotify playlist for new Finnish releases.
22nd of January 2018 03:34 PM Link
Her debut single is out now and the debut EP is coming soon. Meanwhile, check out Moria and her cool new music video.
21st of January 2018 07:00 PM Link
Tammela 33100 on hittiäänestyksessä kakkosena! Antakaa äänenne!
19th of January 2018 11:37 AM Link
19th of January 2018 10:57 AM Link
Njet Njet 9 and Juha Kujanpää CD's are to be released in Germany in February by Galileo
18th of January 2018 10:19 AM Link
Elifantree's new video highlighted in one of Finland's biggest music websites, Rumba Magazine
18th of January 2018 08:29 AM Link
MEDIATIEDOTE - Tamperelainen aviopari ruotii uutuusalbumillaan ruuhkavuosia ja parisuhdettaan rehellisesti ja särmikkäästi -
17th of January 2018 05:13 PM Link
Indie-rockers Tammela 33100 are to release their next album soon. Pre-orders are now live!
17th of January 2018 10:20 AM Link
Out today!

Elifantree's new music video. CHECK IT OUT!
16th of January 2018 08:29 AM Link
MEDIATIEDOTE - Taidepop-lauluntekijä Moria julkaisee esikoissinglensä 19.1. -
12th of January 2018 10:57 PM Link
Teemu Viinikainen guitarist concert review.
10th of January 2018 07:23 PM Link
The staff at Music Finland pick their favourite records of 2017, including Anni Elif's "Edith".
9th of January 2018 10:34 AM Link
Sound The Bell gets a great review in Expose magazine.
9th of January 2018 10:32 AM Link
Expose magazine reviews Teemu Viinikainen guitarist. And an excellent review it is 😉