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27th of June 2016 11:41 AM Link
Great press for Elifantree from #brighton and #thegreatescape
17th of June 2016 09:35 AM Link
Olavi Louhivuori plays Existence live at Keitelejazz
13th of June 2016 10:31 AM Link
Times and Spaces gets 4/5 from Pentti Ronkanen

"Seikkailut tiloissa ja avaruuksissa hehkuvat dramaattisesti, jättävät syvän jäljen keskittyneeseen kuulijaan."
9th of June 2016 04:25 PM Link
Times and Spaces reviewed... twice ;)
8th of June 2016 03:19 PM Link
Our upcoming club has a new Facebook page. Take a look!
7th of June 2016 02:24 PM Link
Elifantree's next show in Finland is on Friday at the April Jazz Club!
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3rd of June 2016 07:00 AM Link
Mediatiedote - Tampereelle uusi jazzklubi syksyllä 2016
1st of June 2016 02:33 PM Link

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1st of June 2016 08:32 AM Link
Rantama Trio featured on Brittish Radio!
30th of May 2016 05:23 PM Link
Martin Burns gives Goldwing 9/10!

#kujanpaa" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> #kujanpaa
26th of May 2016 07:59 AM Link
Esa Pietilä's solo sax double album Times & Spaces is OUT NOW!
26th of May 2016 07:00 AM Link
Esa Pietilän tupla-albumi Times & Spaces on julkaistu!
25th of May 2016 01:13 PM Link
Elifantree selected as one of the Top 7 acts at The Great Escape by Clash webmag!!!

"Emboldened by the improvisational spirit of rock-jazz, Elifantree are an utter headspin of a band, particularly that force-of-nature frontwoman - Anni Elif Egecioglu – who whoops and soars and occasionally does a little dance at the keyboards when she remembers."
25th of May 2016 08:35 AM Link
Excellent review for Belonging in Finland's biggest newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat
18th of May 2016 06:31 PM Link
Saturday, Brighton, UK, The Great Escape Festival

Two shows! Not to be missed, all you Britons out there.

Showtimes: Patterns Upstairs 2:30pm - 3:00pm and Spiegeltent 9:00pm - 9:30pm.
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16th of May 2016 12:48 PM Link
"Coffee in Kuopio is like a scene from a Peter Greenaway film."

Another excellent review for Goldwing.
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16th of May 2016 10:04 AM Link
Esa Pietilä's solo show reviewed
14th of May 2016 03:51 PM Link
Elifantree interviewed at Music Finland
13th of May 2016 11:39 AM Link
SUPERPERJANTAI - Friday the 13th Special
13th of May 2016 10:38 AM Link
Special Friday The 13th at Eclipse - Rantama Trio combines prog rock and jazz