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17th of April 2018 01:16 PM Link
Check out Teemu Viinikainen III live at G Livelab!
17th of April 2018 10:40 AM Link
Pauli Lyytinen Magnetia Orkesteri - LIVE STREAM!

Watch Pauli Lyytinen, Verneri Pohjola, Mika Kallio and Eero Tikkanen play live at the 2018 edition of Jazzahead, Bremen, Germany. Broadcast starts at 11.30pm CET on Friday April 20th.
11th of April 2018 05:52 PM Link
Elifantree featured in this article about progressive music the highly regarded Rondo Classic magazine. (The full article is only for subscribers...)
10th of April 2018 02:42 PM Link
PRESS RELEASE - Classical conductor Jukka Iisakkila reveals the prog/fusion side of his musical worldview with his debut album ”Clocks and Clouds”. -
9th of April 2018 05:25 PM Link
Tapio Ylinen's album with Tatu Rönkkö and Miikkael Anttila receive a warm review from the Dutch Prog Rock Page, even though the album could have been a bit proggier 😉

"Ylinen’s easy on the ear style is a perfect match for the involuntary finger and foot tapping that might occur, because of the enticing rhythms of the music. His preferred tone in many of the songs is reminiscent of Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits in their commercial prime. Ylinen’s evocative playing in the moving ballad Noble Heart is particularly expressive and the explosive solo in the latter part of the piece is genuinely impressive."

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9th of April 2018 02:47 PM Link
Our live club series continues tomorrow. Come all ye Tampere people!
Laura Annika Quartet > Eclipse Jazz Club
Laura Annika Quartetin ’Metsä’ julkaistiin 17.11.2017 Eclipse Musicin kautta. Räiskyviä sävellyksiä ja kuulaita...
1st of January 1970 03:00 AM
9th of April 2018 09:29 AM Link
MEDIATIEDOTE - Kapellimestari Jukka Iisakkilan musiikillinen maailmankuva fuusioituu debyyttialbumilla ”Clocks and Clouds”. -
7th of April 2018 03:12 PM Link
Norma's debut is "A stunning album" according to this blog.
6th of April 2018 12:16 PM Link
A 5 star review of Elifantree's new album!!
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6th of April 2018 12:15 PM Link
Eclipse Music will again be very much present at this years jazzahead! festival.
3rd of April 2018 04:15 PM Link
PRESS RELEASE - Juhani Aaltonen & Raoul Björkenheim release "Awakening" -
30th of March 2018 01:35 PM Link
Praising album reviews to Eclipse Music artists Anni Elif Egecioglu, Pauli Lyytinen Musician/Composer and Teemu Viinikainen guitarist at Finnish Music Quarterly.
28th of March 2018 05:57 PM Link
Kaisa's Machine is going on tour!
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26th of March 2018 06:58 PM Link
26th of March 2018 06:35 PM Link
Elifantree's new vinyls are ready! This is a limited edition (200 units) colour vinyl pressing. The release is on April 6th in Finland and May 18th in Germany. You can pre-order your copy from the Eclipse Music store.
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23rd of March 2018 04:30 PM Link
Elifantree's new album is released in Germany today! Check out this list of great songs from our distributor Galileo.
23rd of March 2018 10:36 AM Link

The sparkling new album from vocal pop group Norma.
21st of March 2018 10:30 AM Link
Another positive review of Raoul Björkenheim & Juhani Aaltonen's album which is coming out next week.

Album release concerts:
Sat March 24th Hämeenlinna, Suisto
Tue March 27th Tampere, Eclipse Jazz Club, Kulttuuriravintola
20th of March 2018 11:31 AM Link
4/5 stars from to Raoul Björkenheim and Juhani Aaltonen. The new album "Awakening" is out next week!
19th of March 2018 12:29 PM Link
A really nice review of Juha Kujanpää's album.

"An excellent album with top class musicianship and creative musical ideas."