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30th of August 2018 08:22 PM Link
30th of August 2018 09:14 AM Link
Eclipse Music Digital Tulevat singlejulkaisut - Arosa Ensemble: Sjuka Dagar 31.8., Jaan Wessman 7.9., Mikko Löytty 7.9. #edithsödergran
29th of August 2018 10:56 AM Link
A very nice review of Heikki Ruokangas' new record on

The limited edition vinyl LP is coming soon and the album is also set to be released in Germany in October. Stay tuned!
23rd of August 2018 09:44 AM Link
Levy-yhtiö Eclipse Music laajentaa merkittävästi katalogiaan ja käynnistää uuden, digitaalisen levymerkin. -
18th of August 2018 10:54 AM Link
Tickets for our autumn season concert series are available now!
17th of August 2018 11:06 AM Link
Sanna Ruohoniemi's new single from her up coming album "Start From Nothing" is out today!
15th of August 2018 11:28 AM Link
Elifantree and Tölöläb are playing a special concert to celebrate the 60th Birthday of one of Finland's brightest stars in classical music. Conductor and composer Esa-Pekka Salonen.
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14th of August 2018 09:29 AM Link
Eclipse Jazz Club: Syksyn 2018 ohjelmisto -
7th of August 2018 09:29 AM Link
MEDIATIEDOTE - Kuopiolaislääkärin uudella levyllä 70-luvun klassikot sulautuvat jousikvartetin sointiin. -
5th of August 2018 07:27 PM Link
Cover art from our upcoming albums available at our brand new #instagram page. Take a look and please follow us on instagram. More beautiful cover art coming soon!
3rd of August 2018 11:58 AM
2nd of August 2018 02:51 PM Link
Sanna Ruohoniemi's new single and album coming up soon!

The single is out August 17th and the new album "Start From Nothing" is out on September 21st.[UNIQID]
27th of July 2018 10:32 AM Link
National broadcaster YLE writes about the making of the next Elifantree album with Tölölab.

So I guess this is a good time to announce that we’re releasing the follow up to ’Anemone’ 😉 The planned release date is in November. More details soon!

Meanwhile, if you want to hear the new material, head down to Our Festival in Järvenpää tomorrow.
22nd of July 2018 12:26 PM Link
More summer reviews!

Björkenheim / Aaltonen album gets the Dutch Prog Rock Page treatment. Thanks to @Owen Davies

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17th of July 2018 10:25 AM Link
Reviews for Jukka Iisakkila’s Clocks and Clouds album.
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13th of July 2018 03:26 PM Link
Pianist Iro Haarla receives this year’s Ted Curson Award and Eclipse Music recording artist @Kaisa Mäensivu receives the Rising Star award at Pori Jazz Festival

Congratulations to both!

Kaisa's Machine plays the main stage on July 21st.

In The Key of K -album is out now!
4th of July 2018 09:30 PM Link
”Excellent modern Finnish jazz”, says this reviewer. Praise to @Tuomas Paukku Scription
4th of July 2018 02:00 PM Link
A German interview with Anni Elif regarding the current tour, her solo album and other projects.

Elifantree plays live tonight at the Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto Adige
22nd of June 2018 11:11 AM Link
A nice 4 star review for Heikki Ruokangas

Happy midsummer everyone!
21st of June 2018 05:00 PM Link
Elifantree Summer Tour 2018. See you on the road!
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