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2nd of May 2016 08:06 AM Link
Want to continue May 1st celebrations? Check out Njet Njet 9's new single "Unicorn Attack"!
29th of April 2016 03:43 PM Link
Special Friday the 13th at Eclipse: Njet Njet 9 - Unicorn Attack
28th of April 2016 06:59 AM Link
ECLIPSEN SUPERPERJANTAI (part II) - Njet Njet 9 - Unicorn Attack julkaistaan 13.5.
28th of April 2016 05:59 AM Link
ECLIPSEN SUPERPERJANTAI (part I) - Johanna Elina - Belonging julkaistaan 13.5.
27th of April 2016 06:29 PM Link
Special Friday the 13th at Eclipse - Johanna Elina - Belonging
23rd of April 2016 03:20 PM Link
London Jazz News about Elifantree:

Elifantree is a well known, charming crossover trio based in Helsinki. It is Swedish-Kurdish multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Anni Elif Egecioglu, Finnish saxophonist Pauli Lyytinen and Finland’s well-known jazz drummer Olavi Louhivuori. It was a joyful affair with smooth groove and a weird edge from the first moment: three still young enough cool musicians inviting people to their colourfully toyshop. There was more and richer variation than in usual pop music and there was not more jazz than necessary and useful here. With lots of attractive melody, captivating rhythm and beats and total absence of pretension the trio was shining brightly.
22nd of April 2016 06:24 PM Link
One of the most important female jazz vocalists in Finland at the moment is out very own Virva Immonen of Virva Quintet according to NYT magazine.
21st of April 2016 08:54 AM Link
Juha Kujanpää featured on YLE Radio 1. Listen to the full program here:
13th of April 2016 02:06 PM Link
Mastering Esa Pietilä's upcoming solo album. More info soon!
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7th of April 2016 09:31 AM Link
The Swedes have noticed the greatness of Goldwing!
6th of April 2016 10:18 AM Link
A very positive review of Goldwing in Finnish Music Quarterly Magazine
5th of April 2016 05:32 PM Link
Good news all you Elifantree fans out there! New songs are in the making... More info soon.
5th of April 2016 04:46 AM Link
Kari Ikosen uusin kokoonpano julkaisee albumin ja kiertää Suomea
5th of April 2016 04:38 AM Link
Kari Ikosen uusin kokoonpano julkaisee albumin ja kiertää Suomea
31st of March 2016 02:47 PM Link
Pauli Lyytinen pushes the boundaries of the saxophone - The new album Pauli Lyytinen Machinery is out March 11th on Eclipse Music
31st of March 2016 08:05 AM Link
Elifantree plays shows at Tallinn Music Week on saturday, April 1st. Be there!
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31st of March 2016 05:59 AM Link
Joakim Berghällin loistava duettoalbumi Dialogues II uusintajulkaisuun
24th of March 2016 02:27 PM Link
Machinery Review at Jazzpossu
23rd of March 2016 05:00 PM Link
Another great concert review for Pauli Lyytinen Machinery!
23rd of March 2016 02:47 PM Link
Both Virva Quintet and Pauli Lyytinen Musician/Composer get nice reviews at Turun Sanomat. Thank you Matti Komulainen!
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