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22nd of September 2017 03:50 PM Link
Juha Kujanpää completes his folk-prog trilogy. Album #3 is coming up in October. More info soon!
15th of September 2017 11:27 AM Link
Sound The Bell plays Turku tonight!
Sound The Bell! at Bar Ö, TKU
Sound The Bell! Panu Ukkonen: basso, laulu Antero Mentu: kitara Simo Laihonen: rummut Anssi Solismaa: koskettimet http...
15th of September 2017 09:30 PM
15th of September 2017 11:16 AM Link
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13th of September 2017 10:49 AM Link
A fine blog post by Jyrki Kallio about last week's Eclipse Jazz Club with some beautiful photos as well!
11th of September 2017 06:44 PM Link
Teemu Viinikainen guitarist on tour with his trio III and the new album "Return of Robert Dickson".
11th of September 2017 11:00 AM Link
A little preview of Teemu Viinikainen guitarist's new album. Out on September 15th!
6th of September 2017 05:03 PM Link
Pauli Lyytinen Musician/Composer in an hour long interview at Radio Helsinki, including tracks from the Eclipse Music releases by Pauli Lyytinen Magnetia Orkesteri, Elifantree and Equally Stupid

Listen to the full podcast from the link below!
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6th of September 2017 03:06 PM Link
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5th of September 2017 10:33 AM Link
PRESS RELEASE: Teemu Viinikainen III - Return of Robert Dickson
4th of September 2017 11:28 AM Link
"Edith" by Anni Elif Egecioglu gets a nice review at Kauppalehti together with Tori Amos, Aili Ikonen and Petteri Sariola.
1st of September 2017 01:12 PM Link
A very detailed interview with Teemu Viinikainen guitarist. The new album is out on September 15th via Eclipse Music.
1st of September 2017 01:09 PM Link
Released today: Pauli Lyytinen Musician/Composer Magnetia Orkesteri's 4 track vinyl (selected tracks from the Eclipse Music CD "I")

The band plays live today at April Jazz Club
1st of September 2017 10:02 AM Link
MEDIATIEDOTE - Teemu Viinikainen III: Return of Robert Dickson ilmestyy 15.9.
30th of August 2017 09:02 AM Link
Eclipse Jazz Clubin syyskauden ohjelmisto
25th of August 2017 11:37 PM Link
An excellent review from Finland's leading music magazine. 5/5 *****
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24th of August 2017 10:57 AM Link
MEDIATIEDOTE - Pauli Lyytinen Magnetia Orkesteri suuntaa levynjulkaisukiertueelle 01.-10.09.2017
19th of August 2017 05:17 PM Link
A nice review of Magnetia's album.
18th of August 2017 12:17 PM Link
New Nordic Indie's friday playlist includes music from Mikko Löytty, Vilkka Wahl Quintet and Anni Elif Egecioglu
18th of August 2017 11:40 AM Link
Vilkka Wahl Quintet releases its debut album "Nebula" today. They are playing live tomorrow at the Turku Jazz Festival 2017.

Get your copy of the album here
Also, we lowered prices from some of the back catalogue releases and VINYL LPs. Be sure to check them out!

The album is also available digitally through iTunes etc.
14th of August 2017 08:59 AM Link
PRESS RELEASE - Guitarist Vilkka Wahl releases "Nebula" with Jure Pukl and Severi Pyysalo